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sterling silver, yoga necklace - GABA neurotransmitter molecule for relaxation



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For thousands of years, people have found value in yoga practice. One of the reasons for this is that yoga boosts the molecule GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid), which is the main inhibitory neurotransmitter in our brains. GABA relaxes us and lessens stress, depression, and anxiety.This necklace pairs a charm based on the shape of GABA with a gemstone charm. The GABA charm is about 3/4 in long and made of quality, recycled/reclaimed sterling silver, and the wire wrap around the opal is also sterling silver. It is strung on a 16 or 18 inch sterling silver snake chain. Please specify with your order.You can choose:amethyst - purple (not pictured)aquamarine - very light bluegarnet - winelapis - dark blueturquoise - bold blue (sold out)peridot - light greenA delicate-looking and subtle symbolic talisman, this petite necklace won't get in the way of your downward dog. It comes in a cute gift box with an informational tag about GABA.......Customer comments about this necklace:\u201cBeautiful necklace, really nicely packaged, and shipped really quickly\u2026 \u201c\u201cThis necklace was truly lovely in person. The recipient loved it - told me it was the nerdiest gift she'd ever received (which is a huge compliment)! Thank you!\u201d......I'm scientist-turned-artist Raven Hanna of Made With Molecules. I hand-make original, high quality jewelry and use Earth-friendly and people-friendly business practices. I live and work in a solar-powered sugarcane shack on the flank of an active volcano in Hawaii, and I donate a percentage of profits to environmental and science education nonprofit organizations. Please take a look at other molecular jewelry offerings in my shop. http://molecularmuse., antidepressant

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