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tt teamThis pendant was fused of a variegated blue, white, and clear pieces of glass. My original design is encased in between 3 layers of glass, which required 3 different kiln processes. It measures approximately 7/8 inch wide by 1 1/2 inches tall, which excludes the measurement of the bail The large size bail adds an extra 3/8 inch to the total length of this pendant. A handpainted touch of blue were added prior to topping with clear glass. It was properly annealed for strength. \r\rA large sized sterling silver plated bail will be epoxyed to the back, and it will come with an 18 inch 2mm faux rubber (latex free) cord necklace. Please specify black or pewter grey colored cord. Black, as show in the photos will be sent if the buyer does not specify.\r\rI want everyone to be happy with the purchase of my handcrafted items. If you are disappointed with your purchase, please return the item and I will return your money EXCLUDING the cost of shipping.

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