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MADE TO ORDER: Small 2020 Light a Path Pendantmeditation, labyrinth and candlemeditation, Centering Pendant© fine silver meditationmeditation, mindfulnessmeditation, 22k gold



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Made to Order. Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery from time of purchase.INDIVIDUALLY HANDMADE, NOT CASTDue to circumstances beyond my control, shipping times may be longer.All items are shipped with an alcohol wipe Please Read Below for Pendant Details and information about Light a Path nonprofit.FREE SHIPPING*This Centering Pendant is a special design for the Light A Path Non-profit organization in Asheville, North Carolina. 50% of profits from this pendant will be donated to them. Light A Path's mission: "Light a Path's mission is to create resilience through connection. We do this by bringing yoga, meditation, strength training and runningto youth, the incarcerated, the unhoused, low-\u00adincome community residents, and those in recovery. Through connection to these modalities, and to a devoted volunteer, we facilitate the ultimate connection: to inner reserves of resilience, peace and wellness.Conceived as an expression of service by a group of Asheville-based yogis and other practitioners, our mission grew out of the idea of creating community and resilience in underserved populations of Western North Carolina through offering evidence-based wellness tools at no cost.\u200bWith almost 50 volunteers offering around 30 weekly classes, we are building equity and inclusivity by making evidence\u00ad-based wellness tools accessible to all."#connectioncreatesresilience*A Centering Pendant\u00a9 is both an original, individually made, work of art, AND a functional tool, with a unique and intentional form: two concave halves, assembled back to back with a hole in the middle allow it to be used as a mindfulness tool, reminding you to pause, breathe, and reCenter yourSelf, anytime you need it.They all begin with a hand drawn design, pressed into precious metal clay, filed, sanded and fired at 1650 degrees in a small kiln. The pieces come out as 99.9% pure silver (also available in white bronze and copper). Using traditional metalsmith techniques, the pendants are then polished, oxidized, and given a brushed finish.*The unique form allows your thumb and forefinger to join while holding the pendant, creating Gyan Mudra.Mudras ('gestures' or 'seals') originated in India and are a symbolic or ritual gesture used in Hinduism and Buddhism and are often used in their religious practices. The Gyan Mudra, seen commonly when people meditate, is also called the Chin Mudra or Gyana Mudra (when the hand is at the heart, with the palm facing in toward the body). I encourage you to do your own research on hasta (hand) mudras.Touching your Centering Pendant is a brief practice of mindfulness and self care. Use it consistently and frequently to Stay Centered throughout your day.Your pendant can also be held between the fingers during meditation, at the heart center or resting on your thigh, OR you can take the pendant off during asana or meditation to use as a dristhi.****PENDANT DETAILS***My signature and an edition number (#/20) are inscribed into the outer edge of each pendant. ***DESIGN: SMALL 2020 Light a Path Pendant, also available in small size and three different finishes. Front is candle and labyrinth. Back says "Light a Path"******FINISH OPTIONS: bright/shiny - no oxidation; oxidized - dark contrast; with 22k gold accents - GOLD ACCENTS ON ONE SIDE ONLY***MATERIALS: 99.9% pure silver pendant, some with 22k gold accents, sterling silver chain***SIZE: Pendant diameter; medium - .75 inch, (medium - 1 inch)***LENGTH OF CHAIN: you choose - box-style sterling silver. Bright and shiny pendant comes with a bright and shiny chain. ***GOLD: Gold accents are 22k gold painted on in layers, refired, and polished to a high shine. ON ONE SIDE ONLY*Each pendant is handmade by the artist in her studio near Greenville, South Carolina. There will be minor differences between every pendant. You will receive the pendant in the photos.Your Pendant will arrive ready for gift giving, using almost 100% recycled materials.Copyright \u00a9 Margaret Goodson Graham Studios 2020, All Rights ReservedFind more NEW 999 Silver Pendants and Earrings: bowls sold separately.Due to oxidation and wear your jewelrywill darken over time. This happens to ALL jewelry.Rub the small white polishing pad(included) on the jewelry to keep the raised areas bright.We do not recommend swimming orbathing with your jewelry on., yoga

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