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navy blue necklaceBlue Beaded Necklace with Ming Pendant, Blue Statement Necklace, Navy Blue Beaded Necklace



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navy blue necklaceRound dark blue natural sodalite beads and 2 Chinese Ming porcelain beads make this necklace. The large Chinese porcelain pendant which is outlined in silver is the focal point of this statement necklace.The navy sodalite beads measure 12mm, The oval pendant is 2 inches (50 cm) in length.Sodalite is a natural blue stone with swirls of whitish calcite. It often resembles lapis lazli. Sodalite is thought to bring inner peace and stimulate endurance especially with athletes.The Chinese porcelain beads are reminiscent of the antique dynasty porcelains which are famous throughout the world. The beads have been hand painted with Chinese characters representing longevity, happiness, wealth, love, and good fortune.The blue & white porcelain became well developed in the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), but flourished in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. First natural cobalt was painted on the basic body. Then it would turn blue after being fired at high temperatures. The white glaze covered by a clear glaze highlighted the blue designs. The blue & white porcelain vases, plates, decorative items, and beads are different and unique.

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