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travel the world, Antiqued Silver Africa Pendants - no hole - (4x) (M503-I)



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You will receive these antiqued silver Africa Pendants. These measure 28mm from the top to the bottom and 26mm at the widest point, these are domed. This pendant does not have a hole, but you can easily pierce one with this tool here: https://www./listing/231195698/double-metal-hole-punch-15mm-2mm-t303?ga_search_query=metal+punch&ref=shop_items_search_1Bulk discounts are available on our Brooklyn Charm website only. Check out all the finishes we carry of this pendant: https://www./shop/EpochBeads?search_query=m503We carry this pendant WITH hole here: https://www./shop/EpochBeads?search_query=m779M503-I, african pendant

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