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mermaid necklace, 10K Gold Angelskin Coral Carved Cameo Shell Necklace - Shell of an Idea V Necklace



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10K Gold Angelskin Coral Carved Cameo Shell Necklace - Shell of an Idea V Necklace.Interestingly, the things that amused us as children, very often continue to do so as an adult. My only concession to picking up pretty shells on the beach was the magnitude and scope of what to do with them as an adult. I guess I have never completely let go of that seashell mosaic folly idea either. Clearly, this stunning shell necklace is just another interpretation of a well loved idea. Ballet pink and blush shell beads, in all different shapes and sizes, from large trumpet shaped Botswana shells to petite coiled Lisway shells, are hand spun on gold-filled wires. Pink Peruvian opal teardrops, rhodochrosite coins and silky glass pearls in a beautiful pink/peach color - lend an elegant addition to this necklace. The piece de resistance is the gorgeous Victorian carved angelskin coral cameo set in an intricate 10k yellow gold setting - which additionally, can also be worn as a brooch. A lovely gold vermeil Nautilus Shell box clasp completes this necklace. The perfect \u201cstatement necklace\u201d for a seaside garden soiree and beautiful enough to even make the mermaids envious.18 inches long (extensions can be added, if necessary). Cameo is 1.29 inches wide X 1.60 inches high., pink peruvian opal

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