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rustic, Stingray Silver Lined Cuff Bracelet in Navy Blue Multiple Spine - by UNEARTHED



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An UNEARTHED Signature Silver Lined Cuff, featuring gorgeous 100% genuine stingray leather.\r\rThis stingray has been dyed a deep and luscious dark navy blue. The color is intense, almost a midnight blue, and absolutely beautiful. This is the darkest blue currently available in our collection. There is a row of natural large sized ivory 'stones' which run the length of the cuff and provide a beautiful, elegant contrast. This is an extremely unique and beautiful leather, and we are so proud to offer it in the shop!\r\r\rThe interior is silver toned, and will fit a variety of wrist sizes, from 5.5" to over 8". It is adjustable, with the right gentle technique. \rMeasures just over 2" tall.\r\rPlease note:\rThe vast majority of our materials are by-product leathers. Please see our profile for more detailed information on who we are and what we do!\rThank you for looking!, exotic leather

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