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serpentine, Drop Earrings Matte Yellow Turquoise Barrels Serpentine Hematite Afghani Jade Tubes Antiqued Brass Dark Brown Niobium Ear Wires



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Yellow "turquoise" (not actually turquoise) is mostly a jasper or serpentine gemstone that is yellow-green with gray, brown and black. The black webbing that appears throughout this stone is hematite. Matte yellow "turquoise" 10x9mm barrels are hand-wired with antiqued brass wire to little pretty green Afghan jade tubes (10x5mm). Afghan jade is actually a form of serpentine called "bowenite" named after the country where it is mined. These little tubes are a light mossy green and semi-opaque.Finished with dark brown coppery colored hypoallergenic simple niobium ear wires.Earrings are long and hang about 2 inches., hypoallergenic

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