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barbie jewelry, Mother and Child upcycled doll pendant -blue hair



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There is NOTHING quite like a mother's love! I made this pendant from a large (big!) black plastic bottle cap. Inside I've cast the heads of a Barbie and Little Kelly doll in resin over a sea of fine black glitter. Each are blue eyed with matching blue head caps. This pendant is larger than usual to accommodate two dolls. It measures a little bit over 2.5 inches wide and tall. This pendant will be shipped on a 36 inch silk ribbon as shown. NOTE: My pieces are made from found objects. The caps are used and will have wear and tear. The dolls are used and will have wear and tear. ALSO NOTE: It is recommended that you not wear clothing (such as an overcoat) that constantly rubs against this piece. The hair is made from glitter, which is secured with resin, but will do best without a lot of extra friction., mothers day

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