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Small Echinacea Flower Necklace. Daisy Circle Pendant. Stamped Garden Jewelry. Motherbirth flower pendant, Grandmotherbirth flower pendant, Sisterbirth flower pendant, Wife Gift. April Birth Flower



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Small Echinacea Flower Necklace. Daisy Circle Pendant. Stamped Garden Jewelry. Mother, Grandmother, Sister, Wife Gift. April Birth Flower I personally designed and hand stamped these gorgeous dainty floral necklaces for my new Bud & Blossom Collection. I hope these necklaces add some joy to your heart, just as they have for me. --------Description/Measurements-----------~ Choose from sterling silver, 14 K gold filled, or 14 k rose gold filled. 12mm wide (1/2 in)~ 18 inch beaded chain. Each chain will be the same color as the pendant chosen. ~ A patina is added to the impression to make the floral design POP.! Black for silver, and silver on the golds.------PROCESS----------Each disc is hand stamped, and then tumbled for durability.(Tumbling polishes, clears away any debris/oxidation and hardens the metal). ***Keep in mind that there will be slight variations such as alignment and no two will be exactly the same. These variations are not flaws, but the natural charm of being hand forged precious metal. I always do my very best to ensure that the product is completely up to par before sending anything:)-------Info on Gold Filled--------*Gold filled is made by heat and pressure bonding a thin layer of 14/12 k gold to a brass core. Karat gold covers the surface making it resistant to tarnish. Gold filled is of better value due to the actual layer of karat gold, not just a microscopic film put on. It is also more affordable to those who want the look of gold without paying full karat price.----------Other Info----------------*All of my pictures are taken close up to show details and pictured being worn to show size comparison. I do my best to show exactly what is being sold but colors and size may vary due to lighting and lens used. Please see measurements to know true size dimensions.*All of your new gorgeous jewelry will come in signature jewelry boxes, bundled in a cute little burlap bag, and will also include contact info and care instructions. I love having satisfied customers! Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with my policies here :https://www./shop/InitialLovebyArin?ref=seller-platform-mcnav#policies -----------Looking for other necklaces---------->https://www./shop/InitialLovebyArin/items?section_id=5371335----------Get back to my main shop page here----------->https://www./shop/InitialLovebyArin?ref=seller-platform-mcnav§ion_id=23964195#items, sister necklace gift

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