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Aqua glass transparent amphora pendantaromatherapy bottle, lampwork vial bottle necklacearomatherapy bottle, potionaromatherapy bottle, aromatherapy or cremains wearable glass bead vessel jewelry



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Transparent Aqua blue lampwork glass amphora, vial potion bottle necklace lamp work aromatherapy scent or cremains bottle, handmade lampwork blown glass pendant, memory vessel miniature glass jewelry, SRAJD lamp work jewelry. This is not just a lampwork glass bead, but rather a real bottle with a wee bit of space inside. Will come to you on a simple adjustable nylon cord strung through the handles, ready to wear. Cork is included. Bottle is hollow-built and blown, so it has room inside to carry around a little something special, or hang it up near a sunny window to catch the light. I have heard of these bottles being used in so many different ways- to hold a bit of fairy dust or sand from a special trip, to send a note to a loved one, to hold a bit of scent (please be aware that if scent oils get on your clothing, they are very difficult to remove), or to hold a few ashes of someone dear near to your heart. What will you use it for? Size: 40mm (1 5/8 in.) tall, 20mm (7/8 in.) wide from handle to handle. Hole at top is about 4.5 mm. Colors and special features: * Transparent aqua Italian glass with handmade murrini, a toouch of pink and shiny reactive glass accents.* Please note: as different monitors display colors differently, color may vary from what you are seeing.Find out more about me, lampwork and my passion for glass here!http://www./shop/glassbead/aboutMore glass for your viewing pleasurehttp://www./shop/glassbeadOOAK- Each bead is individually handmade and one of a kind. Even I could never make another one exactly like it.SRA #A39 (self-representing artist) art glass from Isinglass Design; all of my beads are handmade lampwork (flamework) glass made by me, properly kiln annealed and well cleaned. The glass used in this bottle is the same as that used to make glass beads in Italy (Murano)., scent bottle

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