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These earrings feature raw black Tourmaline crystals, wrapped with solid sterling silver. You will receive the same exact earrings pictured here. Ready to ship, no wait! Thanks for finding my shop and please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions!\u22c6\u2605\u22c6 Photos taken up close for detail; please see measurements for size/fit \u22c6\u2605\u22c6\u25c8 Gemstone: Black Tourmaline\u25c8 Metal: Sterling Silver \u25c8 Length: 1 3/8 with the hooks\u25c8 Stones measure: 5/8 inch tall, 1/4 inch thick\u2508 \u2508 \u2508 \u2508 \u2508 \u2508 \u2508\u2726Home: https://www./shop/kerrihale\u2726FAQ: www./shop/kerrihale#faq\u2726Policies: www./shop/kerrihale#policies, handmade jewelry

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