Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

aqua teardropCoral and Freshwater Pearl Rosary Chain Necklace, Dainty Red Coral Hand Carved Flower Pendant



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every day necklaceThis delightful necklace features a hand carved red coral flower with a small gold plated aqua drop.All attached to a length freshwater pearl rosary chain and 14kt gold filled chain and clasp.Available in various necklace lengthsPretty everyday necklace.***************If you would like to see more of my jewellery designs please click the links below:Earrings - https://www./shop/divinerose?section_id=5022068Necklaces - https://www./shop/divinerose?section_id=5043885Bracelets - https://www./shop/divinerose?section_id=5022069*************IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO JOIN MY MAILING LIST FOR EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNTS AND OFFERS PLEASE COPY AND PASTE THE LINK BELOW INTO YOUR BROWSER AND SIGN UP!!!!

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