Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

925 sterling silverBaltic Amber Necklace. Sterling Silver. Hammered Chain Links. 27 Inch Necklace.



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925 sterling silverThis necklace is perfect for layering, and it also looks great on its own.This necklace is made with freeform-shaped amber gemstones and textured sterling silver chain. The amber is genuine Baltic amber and is a deep golden honey color. Each piece of amber is a slightly different shape - they are all flat shapes, and each of the six amber pieces on this necklace is unique.The chain is made of sterling silver links with a hammered texture.This necklace measures 27 inches (69cm) in length, and it closes with a small sterling silver lobster clasp. I have placed a small round amber bead on either side of the clasp.About Sterling Silver:Sterling silver is an alloy consisting of at least 92.5% silver. I choose to use sterling silver so frequently in my work because of its affordability, its durability, its beautiful white color, its ability to take on a high polish, and unlike plated metal, it does not have a coating that wears off over time.

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