Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

hand carved skullBlue goldstone crystal quartz rock wand pipe carved skull amethyst rosary chain vintage brass chain



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unusual necklaceBig natural crystal wand to wear or smoke! I fell in love with these pipes because they're flat-out gorgeous crystals, so hiding them is a shame as well as inconvenient.What to do? Make them wearable, of course! And in a way that can be non-obvious if you choose. (Pot is legal in Washington, but you could of course smoke tobacco or other herbs where it isn't.)As I often do, I've worn a few in public (and changed the hanging bits to be more secure!) to test their solidity and comfort as well as public response. I wear them with the pipe side in and get wows for the crystals & then turn them over and watch people's eyes get big, so I'm pretty sure they're ready to go. Right now there are seven of these and I'm making separate listings because they're all different, but please look at them all to be sure you'll get your favorite. There are no duplicates and they'll be going to local shows too, so waiting may be risky.This one was almost sold before I figured out how to stabilize the chain! That's now done, and I'm happy with the whole thing. The pipe was originally listed as "natural blue goldstone" but I think all "goldstone" is lab created. However, it's extremely attractive stuff-- sort of like a night sky full of stars.I've included a couple of pics that aren't totlly crisp just to show how glittery this stuff csn be in the right light.It's on a hand-wound (but not by me!) gold plated rosary chain of oval polished amethysts, finished with a vintage brass chain. I've put the whole thing together with a few crystal beads, a little purple wire, and a few secure split rings/double wound jump rings.This piece should be fine under normal wearing conditions. I would, however, keep it outside car shoulder belts, away from animals and small children, and out of bathtubs and swimming pools.Copyright:Artist reserves all rights protected under the United States Copyright Act in all artwork prints/or other products purchased by the purchaser. The sale of a given artwork does not include any assignment, transfer, or license to purchaser of the right to reproduce, modify or create derivative works of any artwork and/or product, unless such right is expressly granted in writing by the artist.Thanks for joining us on The Creative Block. We\u2019re happy to see you shopping or just browsing here any time, hope you\u2019ve found something you love and/or gotten new ideas, and would love to have you fan our Facebook page, The-CreativeBlock And when you\u2019re done, do check out our supply shop, www./shop/FindingsbyLeslietsy for useful and interesting components for your own creations.

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