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IMPORTANT NEWS:All mail and packages to domestic and international destinations continue to be delivered. Changes to Canada Post operations and delivery processes to protect employees and the public from the spread of COVID-19 may impact delivery times. Tracked packages as well as Express Post are also affected. We appreciate your understanding and rest assured the packages will come in time.Amazing vintage cuff bracelet. Features a beautiful round lapis lazuli stone set in a sterling silver bezel. The color is a dark, rich blue hue. Also features an abstract design with the stone set not in the middle but offset. The design of the cuff is a really nice twisted design. Very unique bracelet!This cuff bracelet would best fit a small/medium wrist.Measures: 2 1/4 inches inside circumference. 1 inches gap. It is 7 inches total length.Lapis stone measures : 3/8 inches diameter by 1/4 in. depth. / 10mm diameter by 7mm depth.Cuff width: 5mm width. 1/16 th inches.Great condition.Hallmark: Sterling.Many ancient cultures believed that Lapis Lazuli contained magical powers. In the Middle Ages, monks powdered the stone and kneaded it into dough with beeswax, resin and linseed oil, for use in illuminated manuscripts. Today, people around the world consider Lapis Lazuli to be a stone of awareness, able to impart knowledge and wisdom. It is reputed to bring about harmony in relationships and to cleanse the mind bringing about self-acceptance.*Note: If you require faster shipping or tracking please let me know. The tracking for packages is twice the amount so that is a significant factor.*, sterling cuff

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