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adjustable ring, 14k GF Adjustable Ring Dolphin Toe ear cuff cigar band style 14kt gold filled ocean size 4 5 6 gifts for her



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14k GF Adjustable Ring Dolphin ~~Toe ear cuff cigar band style~~ 14kt gold filled ocean, size 4 5 6 gifts for her. 5mm wide, thinner band. It is stamped 12/20 GF PC. 12/20 is a little bit greater than 14kt gold filled, PC is Pacific corporation. Will adjust from a size 4 to 6, but will close smaller if you need. I don't recommend stretching any larger though, I don't want you to lose the band. These fit comfortably as an ear cuff, but are a little larger than normal ones if you want to try it.New, old stock from the 80's., gifts for her

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