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6mm or 8mm Swarovski Faceted Crystal Earrings6mm, Rainbow Finish6mm, Hypoallergenic Surgical Steel Posts6mm, Stud Earring6mm, Sparkly6mm, Clear6mm, Disco Ball



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Enchanting, charming, sparkly, lovely, delightful, attractive, adorable...This pair of Swarovski faceted crystal earrings deserve all the above! 6mm or 8mm round crystal balls have fine facets with rainbow effect embellishment, flat back with mirror finish. Crystals are mounted onto surgical steel earring posts, a pair of silicone ear nuts are included, they are comfortable and hypoallergenic.This pair is specially made for people who have trouble wearing either plated or even precious metals in their ears, surgical steel is often considered hypoallergenic, tolerated by most people who have metal allergies.There's good seal between the flat side of crystals and the earring pads, so no hair will be caught by the rim of earrings.A golden color earring pouch is included.Now available with 14k yellow gold filled earring posts and nuts. New addition, rhodium plated brass leverback earrings., 6mm

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