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ava ring - 2.7 carat asscher ZAYA moissanite engagement ringthree stone ring, trapezoid side stones



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Simply gorgeous, this conflict free engagement ring features a stunning 2.7 carat asscher cut ZAYA moissanite, flanked by 2 gorgeous trapezoid side stones. All are hand set into your choice of 14k white, rose, yellow gold, or platinum. Did you know when you purchase an engagement ring from us, we\u2019ll take $100 off any wedding band over $1,000? Purchase the band now or in the future. Why? Cuz you rock.Note: The photos show half moon side stones, the finished piece will have trapezoid side stones as stated in the description. Our CAD program doesn't like traps very much. lol[[----- GEMSTONE DETAILS -----]]One 8mm asscher cut asscher cut ZAYA moissanite. Equal to a 2.7 carat diamond. E-F color, VS1 clarity. ZAYA Moissanite by J Hollywood Designs. Includes gem cert/limited lifetime warranty.Two 5x3mm .40 carat trapezoid moissanites. E-F color, VS1 clarity. Delicate double claw prongs as shown in this video[[----- NEED TO KNOW -----]]Available in sizes 4-10, including half and quarter sizes. All larger sizes are available for an additional $50.We highly recommend getting sized by a jeweler prior to making your purchase.Orders take approximately 5-6 weeks, if stones are in stock, closer to 8 if we need to order them.Will arrive in a beautiful jeweler's ring box.Payment plans are an option if you'd like to do so. (Fabrication will begin once final payment is received.)With this purchase, you are in agreement with our policies regarding custom orders. https://www./shop/jhollywooddesigns/policy?ref=shopinfo_policies_leftnav[[----- CUSTOM OPTIONS -----]]Want a smaller center? Bigger? Another shape stone? We can do that - drop us a message and we'll design your dream engagement, and it won't cost you $30,000. Or even $10,000. Cuz seriously, is that really necessary?[[----- ABOUT ZAYA MOISSANITE -----]]J Hollywood Designs is breaking boundaries - we are working directly with the manufacturer to source you a line of gorgeous colorless specialty cut moissanite. Some of the delicious cuts we are offering - elongated cushions and emeralds, Old European cut rounds, Old Mine cut cushions, elongated pillow cuts, beautiful asschers, princess cuts, trapezoids.ZAYA moissanite is made from silicon carbide, or SiC. #GemNerd They are harder than sapphires or rubies, at 9.25 on the Mohs hardness scale, second only to diamond. Moissanite is a gem unto itself, it is not a fake diamond or a coated stone, and with beauty of them and the fab price, how could you resist? (You can't, trust me.) Add in the fact that it's conflict-free and thousands less than a diamond, well, it really seems like a no-brainer.SKU 8mmAsscher traps, platinum ring

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