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fictionTHE THIN MAN Mystery Charm Bracelet



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blue and yellowDashing and sophisticated, William Powell\u2019s Nick Charles, retired private investigator, had a way with words between puffing on cigarettes, sipping martinis, and solving crimes. Without his loving wife, Nora, though, he'd be nothing. This stunning bracelet pays homage to this engaging duo.Their familiar likenesses are at center, vintage and modern beads and pearls in shades of blue, yellow, and pops of red accompany four miniature vintage movie posters and six pewter charms, as follows:KeyNora's Hand MirrorRevolverTrainApprehending police officerPaw print of their lovable dog, AstaThe vintage movie posters and center charm are handmade by me out of hard, durable, but lightweight plastic. The image is one side only and coated with a protective matte sealer.It measures approximately 8 inches, and is silver plated rolo chain with a toggle clasp.

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