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wire wrapped jewelryWire Wrapped Antiqued Brass Copper Multi Colored Stone Pendant



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lone rock jewelryWire wrapped asymmetrical brown blue red green stone pendant, antiqued brass, copper, niobium - I made the copper frame and wrapped it in a random way, scattering gaspeite, lapis lazuli, rhyolite, red jasper, turquoise, a freshwater pearl, assorted Czech and seed beads, basically extras from other projects laying around on my work table that wanted to be in there. This listing is for the pendant as shown so you can hang it on the chain or cord of your choice. The pendant is 2.25" (6 cm) long, and 1.24" (32 mm) wide at the widest part. The big copper ring has a 8mm ID. You may either let it age gracefully for a more earthy, rustic appeal or keep it shinier. To clean, I use warm soapy water. To lighten or brighten it, I would use dilute ketchup, rubbing gently and quickly throughout the pieces so it doesn't lighten the brass parts too much. Rinse immediately and pat dry with a soft cloth.

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