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This Fanciful Mermaid original image makes a lovely, wearable piece of Art! The Cream Colored Ceramic Pendant is made by Hand by a brilliant Ceramic Artist ( Thank you @Lisabetzmosaicart!) and measures approximately 2 1/2 Inches in height, and 1 1/2 inches in width. ( As each Pendant is hand crafted, size and exact shape will vary.) The Image is sealed in Resin, making it completely weather proof. Each Pendant is handsigned and copyrighted on the back. This pendant hangs from a Double Strand Dark Blue Colored silk cord, measuring 14 inches in length, embellished with decorative shell and bead, , and is finished with silver Beads just above the ends of the Cord, which is simply tied or knotted at ends. Pendant Necklaces are shipped enclosed in a resealable Plastic Bag, and placed in a small cardboard box or Fabric Jewelry envelope. ***Please note; these pendant necklaces can be customized, as per your request. Customizing includes making a specific selection of necklace, necklace length, embellishments and clasp. Custom orders are priced according to your specific request, but are approximately $10- $15 above line prices shown. When placing a custom order, please allow 2 additional weeks for shipping., mermaid necklace

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