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3 Picture Coro Envelope Locket Necklace, unisex, man, woman, gold, engrave, mailMy jewelry is created using pieces from my various jaunts to local thrift stores, estate sales, flea markets and some pieces from my personal collection.I am absolutely head over heels flipped-out for this gorgeous necklace. It is a gold-plated 3 picture locket which I have never seen before. It has a flap on the top that opens like an envelope to reveal the three photos. The photos inside slip in and out of a slot on the top of the locket and can easily be removed and replaced with your treasures. The outside of the locket is ribbed and the front had a small rectangle for initials to be engraved. I hung this locket from a gold-filled chain with a gold-filled spring ring clasp. This necklace is unisex. The locket was found in a "Coro" jewelry pouch, however, I don't see any marking on the locket so I cannot confirm that Coro is in fact the maker.The chain measures approximately 20 inches and the locket hangs approximately 2 inches from the chain. The locket is approximately 1.25 x 1.5 inches.Please contact me with any questions., family locket

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