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necklaceArthritis, St. Alphonsus Patron Saint Necklace on Raspberry Ball Chain



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jewelrySt. Alphonsus was a brilliant and serious child. Born into Spanish nobility, St. Alphonsus was so brilliant and well educated that he passed the bar at age 16. The whole crowd laughed when he graduated because he swam in his Doctor of Law gown. St. Alphonsus never laughed at anything in his life by all accounts. \r\rHe also never lost a case. \r\rBut God didn't need lawyers, apparently, and called St. Alphonsus to the priesthood. He founded his own order, the Redemptorists, and went on to become a Doctor of the Church.\r\rMost of his life he was plagued by ill health and rheumatism so bad that he couldn't lift his chin off his chest. In fact, his chin wore a hole in his chest that didn't do anything for his poor health. He managed to live like this for almost 91 years.\r\rHe could read minds and hearts and once every so often, levitated. Humorless though he was, people and lost animals were drawn to him. \r\rHand painted medal on raspberry ball chain measures 24".

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