Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters



These handmade Chakra earrings are intended to balance all 7 Chakras (energy centers) of the body. The gemstones include:Red Jasper-Attracts what you need. Protective. Returns negative energies to the sender.Carnelian-Believed to encourage friendship and cheerfulness and protect from evil, grounds energies.Calcite-Releases and clears negative energy. Makes wearer resistant to the negative vibes of others.Aventurine-Good for the eyes. Improves physical acuity. Enhances mental perception. Helps to discriminate between what is relevant and what is not. Calms anxiety, panic attacks.Turquoise-Attracts prosperity and success.Amethyst-The all-healer stone. Associated with balance, inner peace and positive transformation.Clear Quartz-Energizing and cleansing. Brings positive feelings.Hematite- Powerful for self healing. A stone of balance. Banishes irrational fears. Grounding and protective.Triangular ones represent mind, body, spirit.The earrings are beautifully accented with Sterling Silver. Price reduced!

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