Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

flowers, Roses of mixed metal sterling silver and copper metalsmith artisan jewelry unique and original



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What begins as a simple idea can have difficulties only because sometimes there are so many techniques involved. Here\u2019s a case. Twisted copper that\u2019s been annealed then cut and coiled and shaped. Attached to a loop that is soldered on and is where the ring passes and attaches to the sun\u2019 bauble. Which has been made differently but in the big picture, the same way. I love the beautiful association silver and copper have. You can hardly go wrong assembling them together. All the shaping and attaching is followed up with close attention to tuning its final appearance using my own method to age and soften the final look. Please note all my work is handmade by me. I use any number of traditional metalworking techniques in all my work. Advancing them is what I am all about. These little beauties have charm and character all their own. Of heirloom quality. They come with easy on and snug rubber backs. Ships next business day! Your satisfaction is guaranteed., boho

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