Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

victorian styleHi! I'm a Greek goddess you can wear inside a glass brooch



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broochMaybe I'm a geek (no maybe, definitely), but glass is really amazing. As an "amorphous solid," glass is more closely related to gels than to other solids. And, in fact, if you visit historic homes or buildings with original glass windowpanes intact, you'll find that the panes are thicker at the bottom then the top....because the glass has, literally, flowed downward thanks to gravity.Cool, right?This brooch is vintage, but not as vintage as to have flowed to different thicknesses. It's an artisan made fused glass piece, with a Greek revival print of a lovely little goddess/lady sandwiched in the layers of the glass. She's framed in sky blue and milky white glass, and set with a strong, straight pin back.Approximately 1.5 inches tall, this brooch is on the weightier side, making her more appropriate for a jean jacket than a filmy blouse.

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