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gold ear wiresFaceted Tiger Eye Earrings. Gold Filled Ear Wires. Genuine Gemstone. Golden Brown. Small Drop Earrings. f16e231



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gold ear wiresThese earrings each have a single faceted round tiger eye gemstone, adorned by pretty little yellow gold-filled bead caps. The tiger eye is a golden brown color with beautiful chatoyancy. The stones measure about 8mm across.These earrings have 14/20 yellow gold-filled ear wires, and they measure about 1-3/16 inches (3.1cm) in length from the tops of the ear wires.About Gold-Filled:Gold-filled metal is made by heat and pressure bonding a solid layer of gold over another metal (such as brass). This is different than gold-plated metal, which is made by electroplating a very, very thin layer of gold over another metal. 14/20 gold-filled metal has a layer of 14 karat gold that makes up 1/20 of the volume of the metal (or 5%). I like gold-filled because it is an affordable alternative to to karat gold, while still being durable and dependable. It is a quality metal for jewelry.

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