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Steampunk Jewelry Cuff Braceletburning man jewelry, GRUNGE Pocket Watch Gearsburning man jewelry, CICADA WINGSburning man jewelry, Adjustableburning man jewelry, Burning Manburning man jewelry, Mens Punk Nihilist Cuff - by edmdesigns



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Steampunk Jewelry Cuff Bracelet, INDUSTRIAL GRUNGE Pocket Watch Gears,CICADA WINGS, Adjustable Cuff, Burning Man, Mens Punk Nihilist Cuff - Steampunk Jewelry by edmdesignsSteampunk Cuff, Steampunk Jewelry, Steampunk Bracelet, Steampunk Rocker Cuff, SPIDER CUFF- Vintage NIHILIST Pocket Watch Collage Adjustable Cuff Bracelet Dimensional SPIDER, Watch Dial, GEARS, Wheels, Cogs, ROCKER PUNK, Handmade SOLDERED One of a Kind Design, Was FEATURED in ROLLING STONE - Worn by BEN MOODY of EVANESCENCE Rock Group - Adjustable Vintage GRUNGED Cuff Unisex Gift, Fathers Day, Boyfriend Jewelry, Girlfriend Jewelry, Rocker, Punk Cuff, Biker Harley Rider Cuff, Mens Steam Punk STATEMENT Cuff, Steampunk for Men, Jewelry, Burning Man Cuff, Burning Man Jewelry, Steam Punk Cuff Jewelry for Men or Women, Gifts For Men, Gifts For Women - Steampunk Jewelry by edmdesigns** UNIQUE DESIGNS IN STEAMPUNK INDUSTRIAL JEWELRY **~~~ Shop Home Page: http://www.edmdesigns. ~~~This is a handmade Steampunk vintage adjustable highly oxidized brass/bronze (patina'd using torch firing and conductor elements) adjustable cuff bracelet with a lattice motif and a rich dark patina. Torch SOLDERED to the cuff is an authentic antique pocket watch base. This timepiece has the same great rich dark patina as the adjustable cuff - SOLDERED to the pocket watch portion are a stunning array of gears of all shapes and sizes - there are small and large brass gears, silver gears, gears with coiled springs inside, flat gears and 3D gears. Also SOLDERED to this creation is a large (life-sized) LARGE cicada with incredible life-like details - this awesome insect also has the same rich dark patina as the rest of the bracelet - just spectacular. **Note: As this one SOLD OUT to Ben Moody after being showcased, along with about 30 other pieces of jewelry, wrist textile cuffs and many Goggles (see pic 4, others are on one of many storage drives and don't have handy now - if I have the time, I will look for both the Rolling Stone feature and more pics of Ben and his crew and add it to the listing), but he looks awesome! ;) - we still stay in touch through email and I still design for him and his crew, lady friend) from my shop back in 2007 and for many years since, yours will be recreated and have the same elements with just a mild variations to the layout, but will be equally exquisite and a One of a Kind, as no two can be identical. I have redesigned this piece many times since it sold out and each one comes out even COOLER than the last. No worries, as you can clearly see there is no shortage of any of the components to redesign this, and I'm a demon with a torch *wink* - Made to order. Approx 1-2 weeks to be ready.** If you want to purchase the near same goggles shown worn by Ben Moody, the leather wrap can be snapped off and worn with the steel bars as shown in the photo (he bought over a dozen pairs, including the one listed in my shop) - here is the link:https://www./listing/527486118/**************************************************************************************** PLEASE READ: If you're going to ANY Steampunk or Rock Festivals, Burning Man, SteamCons, Steampunk, Sci-Fi, Victorian Events, etc, etc or simply want to wear this as you mount your Harley Hog Bike, ready to roll out and hit the road, or Rock out at your face club, get this on your wrist - Its just too cool and everyone will be watching you and asking about it. I continue to get emails from clients, who are always watching for new Nihilist, Post Apocalyptic, Industrial Jewelry of all kinds telling me, "R, I sooo still wear this cuff and it's always such a dope hit!"...This makes me smile and happy - then often get the, "R, what can you make me for such and such event and for gifts, I need....?..." and I do. These Custom designs NEVER make it onto my Etsy shop as I keep so many of my original concepts concealed from websites and platforms and sell privately, to thankfully a long and devoted client base -- I know what my clients want and design for them directly, very often on the phone to chat and discuss their imagined designs or listen to my suggestions and we take it from there to completion and realization. I also sell through my reps and private newsletters. I decided to offer this again as the season is filling up with so many Punk, Rock, Steampunk and Rock festivals and of course I'm already making tons for Burning Man - hence I'm offering One or Two of these for my Etsy buyers and all newcomers to be a part of the "edmdesign family"...I'm always honored when my work is chosen. THIS CUFF is a typical "edmdesigns signature design" - Make this one yours, I promise you or anyone you want to gift this to will absolutely love it. . :)This is an extremely cool looking bracelet with an edgy, dark and moody look that is perfect for both men or women. The cuff is fully adjustable, so you could even share!The first to introduce Steampunk, Industrial cuff bracelets (and all sectors of jewelry) on Etsy, I've been selling grunge style Industrial, NIHILIST, INDUSTRIAL and POST APOCALYPTIC Jewelry and Steampunk cuff bracelets on Etsy since Etsy first appeared on the scene, and my shop PREDATES the millions of shops that came afterwards....(let others claim to be the first,or that they've been *inspired* by my work, but clearly just copy, but here you know you're at the original Steampunk jeweler's Etsy shop!). You can ALWAYS count on me to give 110% of my abilities and care to EVERY piece I put my name to - feel confident. I never compromise of materials, use ONLY US made elements and ALL is designed and created at top grade Jeweler's standards. I stand behind every piece and am "soooper-doooper" loyal to my clients. Not as many Sellers who just want their work out the door and move on. That's NOT being devoted or grateful in any sense. I'm always here for you, so you get true CUSTOM CARE that lasts, even years down the road, when a customer will come back and ask or see something - I remember all my customers and often they are stunned as I have at least some 20.000++ devoted clients just from Etsy alone, add double that from other sources.. *warm smile*One thing I can assure you, you will not find this on anyone else's wrist. Make this one yours and if you're thinking "Gift", don't think - Grab it!This unique piece would make an extraordinary gift for someone truly special.** FULLY TORCH SOLDERED TO LAST A LIFETIME - Don't Settle For Less in Quality **~~~ Shop Home Page: http://www.edmdesigns. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~LUXURY & DESIGNER BRAND Handmade WATCH CUFFLINKS:https://www./shop/edmdesigns?section_id=5268985NECKLACES and PENDANTS :https://www./shop/edmdesigns?section_id=5460649RINGS:https://www./shop/edmdesigns?section_id=5460648BRACELETS and CUFFS:https://www./shop/edmdesigns?section_id=5460650EARRINGS:https://www./shop/edmdesigns?section_id=5460982WATCH CUFFLINKS:https://www./shop/edmdesigns?section_id=5268985MONEY CLIPS:https://www./shop/edmdesigns?section_id=21315670VINTAGE LAPEL PINS and BROOCHES:https://www./shop/edmdesigns?section_id=5460658ANTIQUE & VINTAGE ESTATE JEWELRY:https://www./shop/edmdesigns?section_id=7925872ANTIQUE & VINTAGE GOGGLES:https://www./shop/edmdesigns?section_id=5405892TEXTILE WRIST CUFFS and SHIRT- SLEEVE GARTERS:https://www./shop/edmdesigns?section_id=5248972TEXTILE BRIDAL & STEAMPUNK CHOKERS:https://www./shop/edmdesigns?section_id=19491800~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*** PLEASE CHECK OUR OTHER LISTINGS FOR MORE STEAMPUNK, PUNK, GOTH & VICTORIAN STYLE HANDMADE JEWELRY, TEXTILE WRIST CUFFS, TEXTILE BRIDAL AND VICTORIAN STEAMPUNK CHOKERS, SLEEVE AND SHIRT GARTERS, SKIRT HIKERS, STEAMPUNK CLOTHING & ACCESSORIES ***Copyright \u00a9 2005-2018 and beyond belongs solely to edmdesigns. 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