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mark poulin, Pit Bull Necklace - Reversible Sterling Pitbull and Squirrel Necklace



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Is your pit bull squirrel crazy? This necklace has a cute pit on one side and a squirrel holding a heart on the other. It is both modern and retro, inspired by the style of vintage storybooks. The necklace is made from sterling silver, enameled in my Oakland California workshop and comes with a sterling silver chain.Each piece is cast in sterling silver, to which 3 layers of vitreous enamel are applied and fired. Finally, I apply and fire the custom screen prints made from my drawings. Adorable, durable, and unique!To see other dog jewelry:https://www./shop/marmar/items?search_query=dogTo see other squirrel jewelry:https://www./shop/marmar/items?search_query=squirrelTo see other enamel and silver necklaces:https://www./shop/marmar/items?section_id=6006320To see my entire shop go here:https://www./shop/marmarItems are shipped without a receipt in a gift box. If you'd like to include a gift message, please leave your message in the "Message to Seller" at checkout.To see my entire store go here: https://www./shop/marmarTo see my gemstone and modern store go here:https://www./shop/marmarModernTo see my pewter and glass store go here:https://www./shop/marmarsuperstar, pit bull necklace

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