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ceramic mandala flower thread earrings.a handmade porcelain flower hanging on silver thread.with three tiny natural beads as decoration:color variations in red or green.we can as well personalize a color variation for you.we offer as well an adjustable set which you can change the color of beadsby easily assembling your ceramic flower onto another silver thread.see above picture 1,5,6.the set includes:a pair of white ceramic floral pendant,a pair of silver thread with red beads,a pair of silver thread with green beads.the white porcelain pendant is hand made from porcelain, we use top-quality porcelain clay and fire with a high temperature of 1320C;dimensions of ceramic mandala flowers vary from 15mm(0.6inch) to 20mm(0.8inch);sterling silver threads' length: 85mm (3.3inch);natural beads: 3mm(0.1inch).this is our original design and everything is handmade and assembled by will receive this dangle earrings with a gift pack.ceramic finished with high temperature is robust,yet please treat it with care as other jewelry.our sterling silver is not coated, please put back and seal in the self-lock plastic bag coming with your order for long term storage........check boohua's shop to see more of our ceramic jewelry: https://www./shop/boohuaceramicsthe same mandala design as ear drops:https://www./listing/249342430/ceramic-mandala-earrings-floral-earrings?ref=listings_manager_gridboohua is a ceramic jewelry design studio located in our story here: https://www./shop/boohuaceramics/about?ref=shopinfo_about_leftnav.......your item will be packed with great care and shipped out within 2 workdays after transaction is done.we ship with China Post and its partner's international parcel service, takes 5-20 days for shipping.if you'd like to upgrade please select the different options at checkout........thanks for reading, hope you'l enjoy our design!, thread earrings

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