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lampwork beads, Bright Color Lampwork Patterned and Ruffled Bead (L106) Stacker Necklace



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Wonderful patterns...including orange pinwheels...cover the surface of this nearly round shaped tab bead that serves as the focal point for this stackers necklace.I'm always looking for ways to feature beads in my work...nice large and highly decorated beads can stand on their own, but smaller, less fancy beads are harder to "show off" when you don't have a large number of them. My stacker necklaces are the answer to my dilemma! Once I started making the stackers, I found all kinds of ways to add variety to the look. Enjoy!These beachy bright beads come mostly from AMR. The flattened tab is from her set called "Bright Tabz" and the ruffled disc anchor bead comes from her "Mulitcolor Ruffled Discs" set. The spacer beads at the top and bottom of the tab are from a set called "Creamsicle spacers" and I don't have the artist for that set.The patterns that march across the tabs are a wonderful mix of color and pattern and grab your attention. The brights of the ruffled disc make a real bull's eye in bright colors.All the beads are stacked together on a leather cord with sliding knots. With the knots slid together, the necklace can be slipped over the head and worn nice and long. If a shorter look is preferred, after the necklace is over the head, the knots can be gently pulled away from each other to shorten it up\u2026very convenient when an outfit calls for a shorter or longer length. How it measures up: the bead stack measures 2 1/16" (52 mm) and the leather cord is 29 1/2" long.To see more stackers necklaces in different styles and colors: www./shop/katarinasuzabella?section_id=12071439To enter my store and see more of my designs: www./shop/katarinasuzabella, jewelry

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