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ear wire, Candy Cane and Bows Christmas Acrylic Earrings



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As a kid, I always loved those obnoxious, fruity, rainbow candy canes. Now, as a sophisticated, grown-up woman, I appreciate the iconic simplicity of a red and white peppermint candy cane. These earrings stick to just the classics- no bubble gum, no blueberry- and look so cute and festive hanging from your ears on golden hooks.I laser cut these from 1/8" thick red mirrored and white acrylic, with gold mirrored bows. I added little rhinestones to the center of the bows. The are mounted onto 1/16" thick white acrylic so they are super lightweight and easy to wear.Are your earring holes stretched? These earrings can be made with wrap-around earring hooks so that they won't accidentally fall out. Just mention that you would like wrap-around hooks in the "Notes to Seller" section!, red

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