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under 35 dollarsPersonalized Midi Ring - Wide Mid Finger Ring in Copper / Personalized Ring, Unique Gift for Her Under 35 Dollars



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modernModern personalized midi / mid finger ring handmade in our New York studio from raw copper. Choose to have this wide midi ring engraved with "This Too Shall Pass" or your own custom words, phrase or quote. We can fit approximately 20 characters on this ring including spaces and punctuation.\r\rThe copper midi ring features a wide, asymmetrical band and a rustic modern texture. The raw copper will transform into rich tones over time, but if you desire a high shine, polish with the included polishing cloth.\r\rEach copper midi ring is tumbled for strength & shine and sealed with micro crystalline wax polish.\r\rMeasurements:\r1/2 wide (13mm)\rslightly open, adjustable asymmetrical back\rsized to a 3 (average pinky / above knuckle ring size) \r\rTo order simply choose whether you would like your midi ring as pictured with the phrase "This Too Shall Pass" or if you would like your own custom text - it's that simple!\r\rMidi Rings:\rhttps://www./shop/MerCurios/search?search_query=midi+rings&order=date_desc&view_type=gallery&ref=shop_search\r\rPersonalized Rings:\rhttps://www./shop/MerCurios?section_id=5866306\r\rre-enter the shop:\rhttps://www./shop/MerCurios

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