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stacker necklace, Blue Water and Bamboo Lampwork Bead (L23) Stacker Necklace



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The combination of colors and detailing of this stacker necklace is beautifully sophisticated.I'm always looking for ways to feature beads in my work...nice large and highly decorated beads can stand on their own, but smaller, less fancy beads are harder to "show off" when you don't have a large number of them. My stacker necklaces are the answer to my dilemma! Once I started making the stackers, I found all kinds of ways to add variety to the look. Enjoy!The top bead of the stack is called simply "Blue Water" by 7 Seas. It's a simple transparent lampwork bead that sets up the color scheme. The next bead is a tapered disc from Sonya Husko. The multi-color and light multi-texture comes from a surface treatment with silver in the flame. It has a very soft metallic reflective property that provides interest, but doesn't overwhelm the other beads.The next two beads are from a set called "Bamboo" by Quinlan Glass. The top bead is a simple flat disc that matches quite nicely with the top bead. The bottom of these two beads is rolled in frit. Frit is a compound of crushed glass, often multi-colored, that adheres to the hot glass of the discs as they are rolled through it. it is heated to make a more permanent bond. The heating also melts the glass enough to soften the surface so the glass frit doesn't irritate the skin.The eye catching dangle is another bead from Sonya Husko. It's a nice compact bead with a lot going on. With the side view, you can see the beautiful spiral effect from the multiple colors of glass--especially a bright royal blue. Again, silver is used on the surface with little sparkles forming when the silver melts and bubbles.I pulled the design all together with leather cord, a signature part of the Stackers necklaces...I leave these necklaces nice and long so they can be slipped over the head and you can slide the knots to a length that works for what you are wearing.How it measures up: the stack of beads measures 1 5/8" (41 mm) from the top bead to the bottom of the dangle. The leather cord measures 29" at its longest.To see more stackers necklaces in different styles and colors: www./shop/katarinasuzabella?section_id=12071439To enter my store and see more of my designs: https://www./shop/katarinasuzabella, handmade necklace

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