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wire tree jewelryHalloween (Samhain) Full Moon Tree of Life pendant, spooky tree wire wrapped jewelry black wire orange harvest moon, small size, gothic necklace by Phoenix Fire Designs.The Tree of Life is a concept that's been featured in myth, story and legend literally all around the world. Since ancient times, people have used variations on the theme. Connecting all things - the realms of the spirit, the physical, the Divine and the mundane - the roots of the Tree and the branches touch all things and bring them together in harmony.This pendant is handmade using painstaking wire-wrapping techniques. Permanently colored black wire (over copper core) frames and encircles the pendant, and is then used as the roots, trunk and branches of the tree.This tree is bare of leaves like one would see in late Autumn and features a dyed, iridescent orange pearl round disk "full moon" behind the branches. This piece has a very mystical feeling to me and a stillness to it as well. It makes me think of a full moon at Halloween - or "All Hallow's Eve" as it was once know. A night when witches stir their cauldrons and all sorts of magic is afoot!It's approximately 1.25" (32mm) in diameter and can be worn on any cord or chain of your choice. Chain is optional from drop down menu above.Second to last picture shows size comparison to the original Halloween Moon Tree of Life which is available separately here: https://www./listing/57253637/halloween-full-moon-tree-of-life-pendantThis one gives you a chance to have a daintier version with all the same wonderful Halloween spookiness!** Exact pendant pictured has sold. YOURS WILL BE HAND MADE UPON RECEIPT OF ORDER and will have a little bit of natural variety in it - just like a real tree! - making it beautifully unique. Please see "Ready to ship in" time notice by the shipping info.A wonderful way to have a bit of spooky, gothic or witchy accessory in your artisan jewelry collection!~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~I make many colors and variations of Full Moon Trees! See all here:http://www./shop/PhoenixFireDesigns?section_id=6660742You can also get your own PERSONALIZED, CUSTOMIZED Full Moon Tree made to your specifications of Moon and Wire Color here:http://www./listing/106447575/custom-full-moon-tree-of-life-pendantInterested in more Tree of Life Pendants? Check out all of them here:http://www./shop/PhoenixFireDesigns?section_id=6660737Or looking for Trees made from birthstones?http://www./shop/PhoenixFireDesigns?section_id=8002138And check out all the shop offerings here:http://www./shop/PhoenixFireDesigns

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