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Red and Black Kumihimo Cord Necklace with Redcord, Whitecord, and Silver Glass Pendant



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***ITEM DESCRIPTION:This necklace consists of a hand braided Kumihimo cord, made of black cotton yarn, red and maroon embroidery floss, and light green shiny rayon thread. The colors form a spiral pattern throughout the cord. The pendant is a beautiful piece of clear glass with transparent red and opaque white stripes, with silver and copper metallic accents.***DIMENSIONS: Cord is approximately 22 inches in length; pendant is about 1 1/8 by 2 3/8 inches.***MATERIALS: Cotton yarn, cotton floss, rayon thread, glass pendant, metal findingsCheck out my other handmade items and knitting and crochet patterns:https://www./shop/MountainMist?, kumihimo

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