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personalized gift for her
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This post is part of a series of posts sponsored by Craftsy. Watch for fun information and deals pop up here over the next few months about some online sewing classes-don’t worry, all opinions are, and will always be, 100% mine

Today?I find myself sharing with you a somewhat imperfect work in progress and?not a shiny finished project, I will admit that this makes me a little bit nervous. You see I’;m used to sharing ideas and projects?with you of things that I already know how to docouch cushion covers diy,? but not today. Today you get to see me trying to figure out and learn something new…;. free motion quilting. Before you read on just know:

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I am not a free motion quilting expert.

I have been “;practicing”; free motion quilting for a year or two now.

I want to improve my free motion quilting skills.

I’;m trying.

and I know that?if I want to get better there’;s only one way- more practice. ?Today I’;m going to share with you a little bit of that practice.

As a part of my current partnership?with Craftsy I have enrolled in Angela Walters, Machine Quilting: Small Changes, Big Variety Quilting class. The timing is perfect as I also happened to have an unquilted quilt top?that would make a great guinea pig to try out some of the techniques that I picked up?in the class.?(okay, okay, I have five unquilted quilt tops, but that’;s beside the point)

In this class?Angela teaches the basics of 6 different free motion quilting designs, then goes on to show how you can make simple changes to those designs to give you more variety in your free motion quilting.

She covers quilting, pebbles, clamshells, ribbon candy, feathers, swirls and squares in the class. ?For me it was the very first time I’;ve tried any of those quilting patterns.

Since the quilt I was working on is sewn in strips I thought it would be a great opportunity to try a different?technique?on each of the?strips of the quilt.

I started with the pebbles technique then moved onto clamshells and ribbon candy as I felt comfortable. The size of the strips on this quilt were?too narrow to try out the swirls or feathers, so I’;ll have to practice?them on another project.

Here you can see a cross section of the quilt where I worked on?some of those free motion quilting patterns.

…; and here I worked on squares (man they are HARD, I never did quite get it down, need?more practice), pebbles and a modified clamshell design that was taught in the class. ?In the class?Angela?talks frequently about finding your OWN free motion quilting style and not worrying if it’;s perfect. This inspired me to try out a little something of my own and?I quilted arrows into one of the strips of?the quilt. I kinda like how it turned out and think it might be a fun pattern to work on improving.

The quilt is now halfway done and I can’;t wait to sit down and finish the other side. So far I’;ve been pleasantly surprised with how it’;s turning out. ?I noticed that the more I practice the designs the better I get for the most part. I did notice that I have a tendency to “;zone”; out when I’;m working?and can find myself messing up. ?I’;m sure that will improve with more practice.

Guess what? as a part of my partnership with Craftsy I’;m able to share with you an offer to enroll in this class for half off!

If you’;d like to give this class a try it’;s ON SALE for one week only?! …;. (and remember, each class you purchase with Craftsy comes with a money back guarantee, and lifetime access).

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